Corporate Training

MensSana Training is a partnership between Bassetlaw Mind and Central Notts Mind and donates its profits to support the delivery of frontline mental health services across North Notts.

MensSana offers both pre-existing packages of training (information available through the drop down menu) as well as bespoke commissions to meet tailored needs.

For further information, to book a course or arrange a visit from our Training Officer to discuss your needs, please contact Haley Berry 01909 476075


Mental Health in the Workplace

This training gives attendees the knowledge of wellbeing, general mental health symptoms, how these effect peoples lives, how to help and hold conversations and where to get support locally.  The training looks in depth at depression and anxiety and develops listening skills with practical exercises and case studies.  There are lots of opportunities for questions and answers and attendees will be well equipped to look after their own wellbeing and help to support someone with mental health issues in the workplace. Summary of the session-

  • introduction to mental health, what are the symptoms and recognising the signs
  • depression and anxiety, a closer look at these condition, how they present in someone, treatment options, referral options and ways to help
  • listening skills
  • understanding barriers to communication
  • positive thinking
  • case studies
  • person centred care

Each full day course can hold up to a maximum of 20 delegates
discount available for multiple purchases and third sector agencies


Effectively Managing Mental Health – training for managers

This training provides managers with an in depth knowledge

  • Wellbeing and common mental health symptoms (including the exploration of conditions – depressions, stress and anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia)
  • How symptoms present in a persons life and in the workplace
  • Treatment options
  • Ways to support
  • Mental Health and the Business Case
  • The cost of mental health in the workplace
  • Mental health and the law
  • Reasonable adjustments
  • Effective management strategies

Each full day course can hold up to 20 delegates
Discounts are available for multiple purchases and third sector agencies

The 5 Principles of Understanding Mental Health

The training gives attendees an in depth knowledge of –

  • Wellbeing
    The wellbeing scale, wellbeing toolkit, the importance of good mental and how to keep ourselves well
  • Mental Health Conditions
    A detailed look at the symptoms and treatment options of stress and anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and bi-polar
  • Person Centred Care
    understanding person centred care and the professionals involved (carers, peer support, self help, professional teams, local services)
  • Importance of Trust
    Confidentiality and expectations, safeguarding, honesty, limitations and capacity
  • Road to Recovery
    Living with, relapse, support mechanisms and prevention

Each full day can hold up to a maximum of 20 delegates
Discounts are available for multiple purchase and third sector agencies


Men and Mental Health

This training gives a 90 minute fresh look at men’s mental health –

  • Symptoms of poor mental health –
    how we are feeling
  • Working life –
    impact of mental health problems at work, the relationship between health and work, workplace attitudes and culture
  • Tools for recovery –
    how can we help ourselves, how can our colleagues help us

Each 90 minute session can hold up to 20 delegates
Discounts are available for multiple bookings and third sector agencies